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Caernarfon Castle - A History of Investitures

On Tuesday, 5 March, a special reception will be held at Buckingham Palace in honour of Prince Charles, who is this year celebrating 50 years as the Prince of Wales. Hosted by Her Majesty The Queen, the reception is expected to be attended by all of the senior members of the Royal Family and will be a celebration of Welsh organisations, businesses, charities and music. The investiture of Prince…
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The Kents

The Duke of Kent and the Scots Guards

On the 27th February, HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent will visit 1st Battalion Scots Guards, who are currently in Cyprus on deployment as part of a peacekeeping mission. The Duke is Colonel of the Scots Guard – who are a regiment of Foot Guards within the British Army…

Royals and their Love of Horses

For many years, the Royal Family has been known for their love of horses and horse racing. There have been no secrets revolving around Queen Elizabeth’s passion and interest in horse racing and through the years the Royal Family has enjoyed the action at the racetracks…

Westminster Abbey's Royal Brides - The House of Windsor

Westminster Abbey has been a place of worship for the Royal Family for centuries, been the venue for every coronation since 1066 and the venue for royal weddings and funerals. This article will examine the royal weddings which have taken place at Westminster Abbey between 1919 to the most recent wedding, held there in 2011. Princess Patricia of Connaught (1919) Born Victoria Patricia Helena…
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The Traditional Pastimes of an Off-Duty Royal

Throughout 2018, the British royal family have been busy with two fabulous royal weddings gracing the world this year. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedded on 19th May, becoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex they revealed later on in the year that they are expecting.

Prince Harry: The Many Reasons People Adore the Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry has undoubtedly experienced his fair share of the spotlight in recent years. Once known for his unexpected antics, he now embodies the many qualities that make the British monarchy so popular. It is not only Meghan Markle who is seemingly smitten with the…

How to Get Hair as Perfect as the Royals

Perfect hair is something that people often hope for. However, everyone has a different hair type and different needs, so it’s about finding out what works best for your hair. It may seem as though the Royals have the perfect hair and it’s always at it’s prime. As true as this may be, it’s likely that they have a haircare routine that they stick to. There are a few basics when it comes to…
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How to Host a Royal Wedding of Your Very Own

Royal weddings take the world by storm. They are televised, talked about, written about, and dreamed about in both the lead up and for the years to come. How many people are still gushing about Kate’s dress? How many people are still circulating the new photos of the Duke…

The spymaster who supported a counter-revolution

Philippe d’Auvergne’s life was that of a great adventurer. In his life, he rose through the ranks of the Royal Navy, saw service in the American Revolution, earned the confidence of an ageing duke, led the defence of his homeland against the barbarity of the French Revolution, funded the royalist cause, and marched with his contingent at the Battle of Waterloo. His is a life that is…
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