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King Felipe and the Catholic Church: a changing tale of faith and diplomacy

To analyse the religious situation in Spain, one must consider faith and diplomacy as inextricably linked. Spain is one of the world’s most religious countries, officially, with some statistics putting the percentage of the population that ascribes to the Roman Catholic Church as high as 96%.  To put that number in context, that same survey put Italy’s percentage of Roman Catholics at…
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The monarch's role in Japan

Historically, Japan is one of the oldest empires in the world that is still in existence today. However, the role of the Emperor has tended to fluctuate a lot within the millennia of history since the creation of the first shogunate.  In some periods, the Emperor only had a symbolic role, while in others, all power to rule over the country was in his hands. And I can use the masculine pronoun…
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The Crown that will be placed on King Charles III's head at his coronation

The sovereign of Great Britain can and does wear several different crowns for different occasions. There is one crown that is only worn at one point during their reign, and King Charles III will be wearing it in May. St. Edward’s Crown is worn during the Coronation ceremony and is worn at the moment of Coronation, with the Archbishop of Canterbury placing it on the monarch’s head.  The…
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Royal funerals in Westminster Abbey: history with a big hiatus

Queen Elizabeth II will be the first monarch to have her funeral held at Westminster Abbey since 1760.  All sovereigns after that date have received their last salute at St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, due to logistic challenges: the Royal Vaults in the Abbey are entirely full, and therefore royal burials are now in the Royal Vault under the Windsor chapel.  However, for a remarkable…
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