'A Right Royal Toast' - The Royal Family's Favourite Drinks

As the new year is approaching why not to salute it with one of the drinks favoured by members of the Royal Family instead of the usual champers? Royals are often seen sipping from glasses of champagne (Pol Roger or Moet & Chandon, both holders of a Royal warrant) or other fine wines in official occasions such as luncheons and state dinners but which are their truly favourite cocktails and…
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Australia's Monarchy: Why I Love It

The Australian Republican debate has recently been reignited, but thanks to HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s recent visit to Australia and the Royal Baby announcement, the Monarch is now more popular than ever down under. I want to explore why…

Top 5 Royal Oddities Of The British Monarchy

We thought we’d clear up some of the most fascinating Royal Oddities that occupy the British Monarchy. From numerals to titles, here’s your guide to the top 5 oddities of the British Monarchy! 1. The Sovereign Never Dies Even though individual monarchs obviously do die, the Sovereign (that’s to say the reigning Monarch) never dies. Due to the way the British Crown operates, the…
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Why Does The Queen Have Two Birthdays?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926, but for some seemingly bizarre reason, her birthday is celebrated on the first Saturday of June. She has two birthdays!For as long as I’ve been involved with Royal Central, by far one of the most commonly…