Preview of episode two of 'The Plantagenets'

<![CDATA[After the dramatic events of last week’s episode, Professor Robert Bartlett continues his investigation into England’s longest ruling dynasty in the second installment of this BBC Two series, The Plantagenets. Professor Bartlett discovers how the later Plantagenet Kings strove to reclaim their lost lands and enlarge their influence over the British Isles through numerous…
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Kings, Queens and Olympic dreams

<![CDATA[The Sochi Winter Olympics gave us plenty of glimpses of royal spectators but no royal competitors.  But past Games, both winter and summer, have seen their fair share of kings and queens going for gold with some achieving it.  Being royal at the Olympics…

Commonwealth eases ban on Fiji

<![CDATA[The Fijian flag that still includes the Union Jack is once again flying at the Commonwealth Secretariat gardens in London following an announcement from the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group which decided to ease but not lift the current ban on Fiji's…
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Karl Lagerfeld praises Her Majesty: “She is flawless”

<![CDATA[Iconic Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has always had rather colourful opinions when it comes to the style of celebrities, but his recent praise of The Queen has garnered much giddy vindication for royal fashion fans around the world. In a recent interview, the accomplished 78-year-old visionary with the signature white ponytail admitted to being awestruck by the 87-year-old…
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Preview of episode one of ‘The Plantagenets’

<![CDATA[ In this new BBC Two three-part documentary series, Professor Robert Bartlett reveals the dramatic stories behind England’s longest ruling dynasty, the Plantagenets. In the first episode, The Devil’s Brood, Professor Bartlett begins his investigation into…

Preview of episode two of 'Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History'

<![CDATA[After historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb revealed the background leading up to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s courtship in the first episode of this series, in the next programme of Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History she discusses how a seven-year whirlwind romance led to Anne ruling as Queen for just 1,000 days before her rapid fall and execution. How did Henry suddenly turn…
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The Story of the Peerage: Into the Future

<![CDATA[The peerage is and does not claim to be a modern institution. As the aristocracy which once dominated Parliament, gradually moves towards disestablishment from British politics, we will be waving goodbye to one of Britain's most illustrious and unique traditions. Whilst the eventual move to expel the remaining hereditary peers from the House of Lords as well as moves to completely…
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