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Top 10 royal songs on Horrible Histories

It’s become one of the most popular history shows on British TV, helping its young viewers to learn all about the past while enjoying themselves. And one of the ways that ‘Horrible Histories’ manages that is by its clever use of music. Here, Royal Central looks at ten of the best songs with a royal theme on ‘Horrible Histories’. King Henry VII: The Original…
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Birthplace of a king: Winchester Castle

Just part of it remains, testament to the devotion of a king to the place where his royal story began. But it was the site of the arrival of a king who steadied the English throne after one of its most turbulent times. The royal himself has a reputation for piety and…

The little-known bridesmaid who became a Queen

As 1922 got under way, newspapers began to run excited articles abouta royalwedding. The only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary was about to say ‘I do’ and every moment of her marriage ceremony was up for scrutiny. Princess Mary’s wedding dress, choice of venue and honeymoon destination were pored over even if actual details were hard to come by (sound familiar?) but one…
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Royal links to London’s bridges

The bridges that stretch across the River Thames in London are major landmarks in the city, with many bearing significant royal connections. We’ve taken a selection of the capital’s bridges and explored the many interesting links. Tower Bridge: Tower Bridge is…

Who was Leopold III of Belgium?

Leopold III was the fourth King of the Belgians (the Belgian King is known as the King of the Belgians rather than King of Belgium). In the early years of his reign, he was a popular figure; however, he became a divisive figure after he surrendered the Belgian army to the…

Welsh house hiding an escape route used by the first Tudor king is up for sale

The beautiful coastal town of Tenby in southwest Wales is home to some brightly coloured historic townhouses with a history connected to King Henry VII and if you have a healthy budget of £1.25 million and are looking to relocate to this tranquil harbour spot, you could be the proud owner of this extraordinary piece of history. Tenby’s famous harbour townhouses rarely come on to the market…
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Vatican City: the world’s smallest state and monarchy

Vatican City State is the world’s smallest state, located entirely within the Italian capital, Rome. Covering 0.17 square miles (121 acres), Vatican City also has the smallest population of any country in the world, at roughly 800 inhabitants. The Vatican is one of the most unique countries in that it is an elective ecclesiastical monarchy, with the Head of the Catholic Church, His Holiness…
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