History of Royal Titles: The Duke of Gloucester

There have been six Dukes of Gloucester throughout history, the first created in 1385 and the current having held the title since 1974. It has a long past, and some consider the title cursed due to its most famous titleholder, and that the first three men to hold it died without heirs. Here are the six Dukes of Gloucester. First Creation The Duke of Gloucester was first created by Edward…
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Royal Ghost Stories: Anne Boleyn

Many people believe that there is a supernatural world beyond our own; a world where ghosts, spectres and past souls roam free – or perhaps stay on earth to complete some unfinished business. These beliefs have brought up hundreds of reported sightings throughout history, some of which have been thought to be apparitions of famous historical figures. During the spookiest time of the year…
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Secret Royal Weddings: the passionate king and the silent widow

Royal weddings are now major celebrations, glittering events that capture the imagination and draw huge crowds who cheer the vows and shout demands for a kiss when the deal is done. However, in centuries past a royal union might be a discreet event, witnessed by just a handful of people. And for that reason, rumours were able to grow of secret weddings, hidden spouses and possible threats to…
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The grandchildren of King George V

On 6 July 1893, Prince George (1865-1936), the second son of the future King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, married Princess Mary of Teck (1867-1953). Mary had been previously engaged to George’s older brother, Prince Albert Victor, who had died of influenza a few weeks before their wedding. George became King on 6 May 1910 when Edward VII died. Embed from Getty Images (Above &#8211…
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