Prince Charles and Camilla

Real IRA leader convicted in Prince Charles bomb plot

The man who held a leading role in a bomb plot against Prince Charles while on a state visit to Ireland in May 2015 has been convicted. Seamus McGrane, 63, a leader of the Real IRA, was found guilty of “directing the activities of a terrorist organisation” according to BBC. Dublin’s Special Criminal Court also convicted McGrane of IRA membership. His undoing was a secret…
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Obituary: Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Patricia Knatchbull was the 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma. She was the eldest child of Lord Mountbatten of Burma. Our Queen did not celebrate her accession as it was also the anniversary of her father’s passing, but there is little doubt that Patricia Knatchbull took…

Lord Mountbatten: The man behind Prince Charles

Growing up in the Royal Family is an experience quite unlike the childhood many (if not all) of us had. Although Prince Charles was lucky enough to have both his parents in his life, they were both quite absent from his upbringing. This was both due to the fact mummy and…

Royal Family Christmas gift tags collection sells for £4,500 at auction

A collection of Christmas royal gift tags were sold for almost £4,500 and shows a whole other side of The Royal Family, as they are just like any other family at Christmas time. The items were sold by Brian Reeve Auctions, which specialises in items such as stamps and autographs. Sandringham House where The Queen and family spend Christmas. The gift tags are believed to be from the 1960s and…
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