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Royal Residences: A brief history of Kensington Palace

Where is it located? Kensington Palace is still the capital city residence of many British royals to this day. The site is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. When was it built and when was it used as a royal residence? Before it was transformed into a grand royal residence, Kensington Palace was originally a two storey Jacobean mansion which had…
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The Royal Year in Review: the Kents

In ordinary times, the past year might well have seen a focus on the Duke of Kent celebrating his 85th birthday and questions asked about how much longer this devoted cousin of the Queen would continue to serve the Royal Family. Instead, this most extraordinary time has seen…
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The Royal Family’s links to Freemasonry

It is often dubbed as one of the world’s most secret societies – the world ofFreemasonry. From covert handshakes to Masonic rituals, mystery surrounds the organisation which has connections to the British Royal Family. Many members of The Royal Family are rumoured to be Freemasons, although only two current royals are publicly known to be part of the society. The Duke of Kent has…
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History of Royal Titles: the Dukedom of Kent

The present Duke of Kent has held the title since 1942, but it is a title that has only been awarded twice in the thousand years of the monarchy. A title belonging to Kent dates back to ancient times when Kent was its own kingdom before the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms merged into the kingdom of England. By 860, Kent had merged into a sub-domain ruled by Wessex, and thereafter, a title did not…
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The Duke of Kent at 85: His Charities and Patronages

The Duke of Kent has long been a valued working member of the Royal Family, with his main areas of interest including war commemoration, rescue, medicine, social care, sport, innovation, business, engineering, music and fostering relations between the UK and Germany. On his 85th birthday, let’s take a look at some of the many patronages and organisations he continues to work with. All…
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