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Cliveden: Meghan Markle's bridal retreat and its royal past

From the roof, you can see Windsor Castle, but that’s not nearly the most regal thing about Cliveden in Buckinghamshire where Meghan Markle will spend the night before her marriage to Prince Harry. This palatial house, owned by the National Trust and leased as a hotel, has entertained many royals over the years and was once even home to a regal rebel. As Cliveden gets ready to add more…
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Spring has come to the Royal Palace in Oslo

After a long winter in Norway with a lot of snow, it is finally spring again in the castle park around the palace in Oslo. All the flowers have not yet come out of their winter sleep, but gardeners and workers at the royal court and the royal gardening-team are in the process of transforming the castle park into Oslo’s most beautiful park. The trails are restored after a hard winter. Photo…
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All of the Royals who live at St James's Palace

Of all the current Royal Palaces, St James’s is the most senior and all foreign ambassadors to this country are still referred to as being appointed to the Court of St James’. This is perhaps ironic, as the palace was constructed in the 1530’s by King Henry VIII, as somewhere to escape from the rigid court life of the Palace of Whitehall. It was built on the site of a leper hospital…
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Young man arrested for climbing wall of Buckingham Palace

On Monday, a 24-year-old man was arrested when he tried to climb over the wall at Buckingham Palace. The Metropolitan Police arrested the man three minutes after he made it over the low outer perimeter fence on suspicion of trespassing. The incident was not related to terrorism. A statement from the police read: “The man was not found in possession of any offensive weapons and the incident is…
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