King George VI's Winnipeg Speech

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth undertook a month-long tour of Canada in May and June of 1939, visiting every province, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and they also spent a few days in the United States. The tour was more ambitious than any of the previous Canadian tours. But the King’s speech on May 24th, 1939 from Government House in Winnipeg was a historic occasion. The King and…
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Welcoming a Royal Bride to England

It was not simply the wedding but also the welcome attending the arrival of a future royal bride in England which came to be the subject of public interest; it provided after all, the first glimpse of her in the country in which she would be princess and of which in some…
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Taking a look at Stenhammar Palace – the Swedish Royal Family's 'Corona Palace'

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many royal families have had to live their lives quite differently. The same applies to the Swedish Royal Family. King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia decided to temporarily move from Stockholm Palace to the smaller Stenhammar’s Palace. Let us take a look at this rather unknown Swedish castle which is now the Swedish royal family “corona&#8221…
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Royal History Mystery: Who set fire to Sweden's Royal Palace?

On May 7 1697, a fire broke out and destroyed much of the old royal palace in Stockholm. The castle Tre Kronor, or Three Crowns in English, is now only a footnote in history with the present royal palace of Stockholm built above the ruins of the old middle-aged castle that burned down over 320 years ago. But why exactly did the castle burn to ashes so mysteriously and suddenly? Tre Kronor…
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The Chapel Royal, St James's Palace

The Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace first and foremost is the name of the Chapel Royal, that establishment of the Royal Household intended to meet the spiritual needs of the Sovereign; the secondary term refers to the building itself – a royal peculiar – in which…

On This Day in 1940: King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav were almost killed in a bomb attack

It has been 80 years since the German invasion of Norway. Hitler was looking for the Norwegian Royal Family, and for a while, he also tried to get the 3-year-old Prince Harald to rule the nation as a child king. The royal family managed to escape and lived in exile in the UK and the US for the next five years. Crown Princess Martha left Norway with Prince Harald, Princess Ragnhild and Princess…
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