The dog-whistle racism against Meghan Markle has to stop

Royal Central’s Editor talks about his experience of moderating racist abuse against Meghan Markle, and why it has to stop. It is February 2018, yet I find myself writing a headline about why racism has to stop. Since the news emerged in 2016 that Harry and Meghan were dating, there has been countless news stories about the upcoming royal wedding and about what Ms Markle and what she will…
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Who are the best members of the Royal Family to meet the Trumps?

President Trump hasn’t been in office for two weeks, yet, he has caused controversy from the moment it was announced he was running for the most powerful position in the United States. Contention continues to follow him; particularly among royals. Prince Harry is the latest to speak out against him after Christopher O’Neill, American-British citizen and husband to Sweden’s…
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Who is King Felipe of Spain?

Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos was born on 30 January 1968 at the Nuestra Señora de Loreto Clinic in Madrid, Spain, to then Infante Juan Carlos and Infanta Sofía of Spain. He is their youngest child and only son; he has two older sisters, Infantas Elena (b.
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Opinion: The Queen should meet President Trump

This is an opinion piece by Royal Central’s Benjamin Knights, and why he thinks it would be a grave error to withdraw a State Visit invitation to Donald Trump. Nobody can claim that Donald Trump’s first week as President of the United States was not controversial. The billionaire property tycoon put many of his unorthodox campaign pledges in action and signalled that there would be no…
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The end of the House of Tudor

On 24 March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I breathed her last and – left with no legitimate heir – the House of Tudor came to an end after more than 100 years on the English throne. Beginnings The House of Tudor was founded in 1485 when Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, ending the War of the Roses and capturing the throne as King Henry VII. His claim was then reinforced when he united…
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