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The history of St. Giles' Cathedral, the setting for Elizabeth II's first lying in state

Queen Elizabeth II is now lying at rest in St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. It was taken there in procession from the Palace of Holyroodhouse on September 12th 2022. A Service of Thanksgiving followed and now thousands are queuing to walk past her coffin and pay their own respects. Although it is not as well-known as its English counterparts, St. Giles’ Cathedral has a long and…
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The wedding gown of Princess Muna al-Hussein

On 25 May 1961, British-born Toni Avril Gardiner married King Hussein of Jordan as his second wife. The wedding took place in the Zahran Palace in Amman and was followed by a procession through the city. Toni, who took on the name Princess Muna al-Hussein after her wedding, wore a wedding dress by British designer Ronald Paterson. It was a cream-coloured silk gown embroidered with diamonds…
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The Queen's Reign in Jewels: The Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown is one of the most symbolic images of the royalty, though it only dates back to 1937. The real history lies in the jewels that adorn it. It was created the Coronation of 1937 but while it was being planned, it was believed it would be placed on the head of Edward VIII. However, he abdicated in December 1936, and instead, his younger brother became George VI and the…
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A King that dared to hope: how Alfonso XIII's trip changed Las Hurdes forever

The year was 1922 and Spain was under the rule of King Alfonso XIII. Las Hurdes was a small territory in the Extremadura province, that, aside from the name, shared little with the territory it is today. His Majesty decided to explore the area, but was strongly advised against it by many prominent voices at the time, who had conducted studies on the area and were less than…
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