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The special links between Beatrice's wedding and Queen Victoria

As a princess prepares to say ‘I do’, the latest Royal Central podcast looks at the sweet and symbolic connections between Beatrice and the church where she will say ‘I do’. There’s an anniversary, a queen and a christening involved as well as special memories. Moniek Bloks, Brittani Barger and Lydia Starbuck also discuss the ongoing fallout in Luxembourg after a…
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A Calendar of Queens: February

Royal history is so rich that the year is peppered with anniversaries and milestones. From births to deaths, coronations to weddings, each month brings the memory of another landmark moment. Britain’s queens, past and present, have written themselves into the history…

A Calendar of Kings: February

Our royal history is filled with major moments and those attached to the monarchs and consorts whose names are all too familiar take on a significance all of their own. Each month, at Royal Central, we’re taking a look at the monarchical milestones that pepper the past and…

Six the Musical to debut on Broadway

Welcome to the show, to the Histo-remix- the six queens of Henry VIII are taking over Broadway. Tudor history will be taking centre stage on 13 February 2020 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in New York with Six the Musical making its Broadway debut. Six the Musical…
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Death of a King: George III

He remains Britain’s longest ruling king but the real character of the monarch whose reign ended exactly two centuries ago remains shrouded by the long standing claim that he was mad. George III, whose time on the throne encompassed some of the biggest social changes seen in Britain for decades, died 200 years ago today. The king’s end was sad and quiet. George had been living at…
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The Controversial King: The Rise of George IV

On 29 January 1820, George IV ascended the throne to become the King of Great Britain. The oldest child of King George III and Queen Charlotte, George IV is remembered for his role as Regent and style setter rather than his reign as King.  George IV’s lasting legacy…

The Week in Royal History: a special royal love story is saved

There’s been plenty of royal history written this week but while the present and the shape of the regal future have dominated, the past has had its moments, too. As 2020 gets under way, the royals who lived and loved before have grabbed their own share of headlines. Here are some of the best royal history moments as January starts. A Royal Romance Preserved for the Nation It’s…
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