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A Declaration to a King

On this day in 1776, the Original 13 Colonies sent their message to King George III – we want out of the kingdom and independence. The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in American history, and it ties right to the British monarch. He was who the document was aimed at; however, there’s no proof that the King ever read the document or was even ever…
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The Crown of Scotland

The Crown of Scotland is part of the Scottish Crown Jewels, also known as The Honours of Scotland. It is the oldest crown in the United Kingdom and amongst the oldest in Europe.  Commissioned by James V in 1540, goldsmith John Mosman remodelled the crown from an earlier…
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The President who doubles as a Prince

Not many people know that the continent of Europe is home not to one but two principalities recognised by most international organisations.  While most people have heard about Monaco, the Principality of Andorra remains mostly hidden from the majority of the public. The Pyrenees-nestled microstate was founded in 1278 with the same political arrangement with which it is managed today…
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The jewels that caused a rift between Queen Victoria and her uncle Ernest

Although Queen Victoria inherited the throne in the United Kingdom, and during her reign, the British Empire gained a vast amount of territory, she was still unable to inherit the throne of Hanover as a woman. Her uncle, Ernest-August, became King of Hanover instead. And Victoria and Ernest-August had a lengthy battle over the Crown Jewels that once belonged to Queen Charlotte.  When Queen…
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In the beginning: The Bernadotte dynasty

The Bernadottes first began ruling over the Kingdom of Sweden in 1818 with King Karl XIV Johan (also called King Charles XIV John), who was also the King of Norway during this time. He was born on 26 January 1763 in France as Jean Bernadotte. It was in 1810 that he was…
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The near impossible: The Day The Crown Jewels were stolen

The idea of the Crown Jewels being stolen might seem like a movie. Well, it’s not. They really were stolen thanks to one Irishman, Thomas Blood. Born in County Meath in 1618, Blood came from a good family. His father was a prosperous blacksmith, and his grandfather was a Member of Parliament. That said, one might assume he might not get into trouble. When the English Civil War…
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