The duties of an Elizabethan Lady-in-Waiting

In the early modern period, the allure of court life was more than desirable, which caused families to seek positions that were in service of the crown. It has been said that to be around a king and his court was like being next to the sun, but when away, it was only darkness. For daughters of wealthy nobles, an appointment as a lady-in-waiting was highly sought after, with service to the queen…
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Rescue plan for tomb of the English queen who never set foot in her realm

For a Queen of England who never set foot on English soil, her tomb has not been able to find a home either. Berengaria of Navarre was the wife of King Richard the Lionheart for eight years until his death in 1199. Berengaria and Richard had had no children together, and she settled in Le Mans in France. She died there in 1230, and she was buried near Le Mans at the l’Épau Abbey. The monks…
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The night 19 Ottoman princes were killed by their brother

The former church Haga Sophia has been widely reported in the media over recent weeks after the building has been converted into a mosque for the second time. However, what isn’t known to many is that right next to the famous building is a unique hidden story. In a burial chamber, 19 Ottoman princes are buried next to each other, all of whom were killed on the same evening, by their only…
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Royal Wedding Flowers: Diana, Princess of Wales

The flowers chosen by Diana, Princess of Wales for her wedding day are among the most memorable of royal bouquets. The tumbling, trailing mix of cream, green and yellow blooms that the bride carried into St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29th 1981 for her marriage to the Prince of Wales remain among the most recognizable of royal flowers almost four decades after they were first seen. For a start…
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