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History of Royal Titles: Why is Queen Elizabeth II also known as the Duke of Normandy?

In the middle ages, the Duke of Normandy was the ruler of the Duchy of Normandy in northwestern France. In 911, the duchy came from a grant of land given to the Viking leader, Rollo, by Charles III, the Carolingian ruler of West Francia in a bid to stop the Viking onslaught. In 924 and 933, Normandy was expanded by further royal grants, and Rollo’s descendants continued to rule until 1135.
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History of Royal Titles: the Dukedom of Kent

The present Duke of Kent has held the title since 1942, but it is a title that has only been awarded twice in the thousand years of the monarchy. A title belonging to Kent dates back to ancient times when Kent was its own kingdom before the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms merged into the kingdom of England. By 860, Kent had merged into a sub-domain ruled by Wessex, and thereafter, a title did not…
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History of Royal Titles: why is Spain's heir known as the Princess of Asturias?

The Spanish heir to the throne is always given a special title, Prince or Princess of Asturias, to denote their place as first in line to the throne. It is a title that dates back to the late 1300s and has continued to this day. Princess Leonor became the Princess of Asturias on 19 June 2014 following the abdication of her grandfather, Juan Carlos, and the accession of her father, Felipe. In…
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The Queen's first Norman Hartnell dress

He was the man who created the most iconic images of her reign, designing outfits literally fit for a Queen. Norman Hartnell was Elizabeth II’s go to designer for many of the major moments of her time as heir to the throne and young Monarch. And he first dressed the record breaking ruler exactly eighty five years ago. For the Queen’s very first Norman Hartnell design was a bridesmaid’s…
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