The King whose illness led to the naming of a pandemic

While the coronavirus continues to spread, we can rewind a little over a hundred years in time. In 1918 and 1919, another virus as ravaged countries across the globe. It caused widespread devastation but, despite its origins, it became known as Spanish flu because of a much maligned king. The Spanish flu came not from Spain, but from France at the very end of the First World War. The…
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Geraldine, Last Queen of Albania

Queen Geraldine occupies a unique position in Albanian history: she’s the only queen consort in modern times, and she reigned alongside her husband for less than a year before they had to flee an Italian invasion. Though she spent the rest of her life zigzagging the…

Royal Wedding Dresses: Alexandra of Denmark

It was one of the most talked about weddings of the 19th century. All eyes were on a young, Danish princess called Alexandra as she walked into St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on March 10th 1863 to marry Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Her groom was heir to Queen…
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Remains of Anglo-Saxon princess discovered in Kent

The remains of Princess Eanswith, also written as Eanswythe or Eanswide, have been discovered hidden inside the wall of a church in Kent. Historians say that the bones and teeth that were found are almost certainly those of the 7th century Princess and saint. Dr Andrew Richardson, from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, told the BBC: “It now looks highly probable that we have the only…
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A Calendar of Kings: March

Every royal life is peppered with milestones, the moments that mark beginnings and ends, filled with joy and sometimes sadness. On Royal Central, we’re charting the famous dates throughout the year in our Calendars of Kings and Queens. And as March gets well and truly…

Royal Wedding Rewind: Princess Patricia of Connaught

When Princess Patricia of Connaught, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, wed Alexander Ramsay in London in 1919, she more than made her mark. For not only had Patricia wed a man with no royal title.  She had given up her own HRH to become his wife. Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth, second daughter of Victoria’s third son, the Duke of Connaught, walked into Westminster Abbey on February 27th…
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Marie Sophie, Last Queen of the Two Sicilies

Marie Sophie is arguably less famous than her sister, the Empress of Austria, known as Sisi. Yet, her actions to save her country from ruin should earn her place equal to or surpassing her famous sister. She was trapped in a deeply unhappy marriage and sought refuge with…
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Narriman, Last Queen of Egypt

She was the daughter of a high ranking Egyptian official and the last Queen of Egypt as the second wife of King Farouk. The beauty married the King after he’d divorced his first wife after a failure to produce a male heir. Her Early Life Narriman Sadek was born on 31 October 1933 in Cairo to Hussain Fahmi SadiqBey – the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Transportation &#8211…
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