She-Wolves: England's early queens explored in Helen Castor lecture

Women have always struggled with how the world sees them in positions of power, and historian and author Dr Helen Castor compared some of England’s early royal women to modern politicians in an online lecture this week. Pointing out “the precedent set by the Tudor queens in England was partial and pragmatic,” Castor explained how women learned that they “could rule, but…
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Royal History Mystery: Did Princess Louise have children?

Princess Louise, the sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, holds an interesting spot in history. She supported higher education for women and feminist causes and was closely involved in the arts – not at all common for a Victorian princess. In opposition to her siblings, her mother wanted her to marry a British suitor rather than a foreign one. Louise married the…
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THE FOOTMAN: Fortune's Good Fortune - The story of the Queen's Mistress of the Robes as she celebrates her 101st birthday

Less than a handful of people can walk straight off the street and into The Queen’s private residences without having to show a Royal Household pass, if you are not yourself royal, that is! Ladies-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth II are, as one would expect, notable and noblewomen. Each of The Queen’s Ladies are styled as a “Woman of the Bedchamber” – Her Majesty has several, including…
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The story of Diana's iconic off-the-rack engagement outfit

When Lady Diana Spencer formally announced her engagement to the Prince of Wales on this day 40 years ago, her days as a fashion icon began. Though she’d been a staple of the paparazzi as speculation mounted that she and Prince Charles would soon be married, this was her first formal appearance as the future Princess of Wales. Let’s look at what she wore on this special day. Prince Charles…
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