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The Queen hosts King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands for afternoon tea

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands have made their first visit to Britain since Willem-Alexander’s investiture. On Wednesday, The Queen welcomed to the new monarch and consort to Windsor Castle as she hosted afternoon tea for the couple. The Queen was pleased to welcome the new King and Queen of the Netherlands. Photo: The new king and queen were welcomed…
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10 important facts about the Belgian Monarchy

King Albert will abdicate on 21st July. With the Belgian Abdication just announced (and happening in just a few weeks’ time), we thought we’d give you 10 of the most need-to-know facts about the Belgian Monarchy. The Belgian Kings and Queens are known as…
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Beatrix, Queen of Heartbreak

When Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands officially abdicates on April 30, she will end a 33-year reign that is viewed as one of the most successful in Dutch history. But it is also marred with personal tragedy. In 2002, Beatrix lost her companion and consort, Prince Claus…
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Future Dutch King Speaks Of A Will To Serve His People

Prince Willem-Alexander, in an interview with Dutch TV has spoken about his desire to serve his people and has even spoken about being happy to work with the government in reducing his constitutional powers to that of a purely ceremonial Monarch. He and his wife, Princess Maxima, are due to accede to the Dutch throne at the end of the month on ‘Queen’s Day’ when…
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The Other Stylish, One Day Queen, Brown-Haired Royal: Princess Mary of Denmark

When you spend as much of your time as we do browsing for articles, photos and glimpses of our site’s namesake, Kate (Better and more properly known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) it’s easy to forget that there are other Royal families out there beyond the British Royal family. And even easier to forget that there is another Royal who shares many of the same qualities as…
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