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Princess Märtha Louise and boyfriend reveal insight into their relationship on American talk show

By Richter Frank-Jurgen - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The relationship between Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise and the American shaman Durek Verrett has made headlines all over the world. Last week, the Princess and her boyfriend were on American television and spoke about their lives.

On Friday evening, Princess Märtha Louise and the shaman were on the American talk show, Tamron Hall, where they talked about several things, including love, challenges and how they met.

The couple entered the studio smiling and holding hands before sitting on the sofa; they were interviewed by host Tamron Hall. In the interview, it emerged, among other things, that they chose to come out with their love on social media, rather than in the press because the Princess has repeatedly experienced headlines she believes do not represent who she is since she was born. Shaman Durek Verrett then explained that the Princess warned him about what he was getting into and suggested that they keep the relationship secret at first. He revealed he did not like the idea of ​​having to “hide behind a bodyguard.”

One of the key things the couple spoke about in the interview was racism. In this regard, it emerged that Princess Märtha Louise has cut out friends from her life. The Princess said: “It had been, yes, someone, that I do not speak to anymore. It is just our love. I have to work on my things and to forgive, and continue to love this beautiful man that I have found on this planet, I am so glad he is here.”

In an Instagram post, the Princess also remarked: “What a delight to be guests at the Tamron Hall show together with my beloved Shaman Durek. We spoke of love, challenges and how we met. We must always strive to show up for ourselves and others with love. Thank you Tamron Hall for letting us share that message and also for letting us have some fun dancing during one of the breaks.”

Earlier this year Princess Märtha Louise revealed her plans to move to the United States have been put on hold. In October Again, the Princess’s American boyfriend created controversy in Norway with a now-deleted Instagram post. Durek Verrett posted on Instagram in October, claiming that he is a reptile from another planet. After declaring himself a lizard from space, he also criticised the 5G network.

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