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Crown Prince Haakon celebrates Norwegian Trade Fair Foundation

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway
Det Kongelige Hoff

Norway`s Trade Fair is important for south-east Norway and has a long royal tradition. Crown Prince Haakon has helped mark the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Trade Fair in the city of Lillestrøm.

The Crown Prince was welcomed to the county of Viken and the city of Lillestrøm, on November 18th 2021, by assistant state administrator Ingvild Aleksandersen, mayor Jørgen Vik and police station chief Grethe Løland. He was accompanied around the exhibition by CEO Gunn Helen Hagen and board chairman Jan Halstensen of the Norwegian Trade Fair Foundation. The anniversary was marked with stands, stage shows and party speakers in the exhibition centre in Lillestrøm, where 500 employees, owners, customers and partners were present. The Crown Prince visited the motor, garden and boat stands as well as an historical exhibition that showed pictures of the opening by King Haakon in 1920

In addition, Crown Prince Haakon spoke during the event, saying: “History shows that people have facilitated physical meeting places at almost all times. We need places to discuss, to experience something together and to trade. In Norway, you were at the Norwegian Trade Fair early to create such a national meeting place. You and my family have followed each other for more than 100 years. When The Norwegian Trade Fair Foundation invites to these anniversaries, it is natural for us to be present. You are an important institution for the whole of society”.

The Norwegian Trade Fair Foundation was founded in 1920. The need for a marketplace for Norwegian goods arose after the First World War when Norway saw an influx of foreign goods. King Haakon and Queen Maud were present when the first Norwegian national mass took place at Akershus Fortress in September 1920. The Crown Prince`s grandfather, King Olav, opened the grand exhibition hall at Sjølystsenteret in May 1962, while his father, King Harald, was present when the Norwegian Trade Fair moved to the new premises in the city of Lillestrøm.

The Norwegian Trade Fair Foundation has hosted a number of large and well-known events, such as Nor-Shipping, Bygg Reis Deg, Oslo Motor Show and Evolve Arena. The exhibition centre in Lillestrøm has now changed its name to NOVA Spektrum. The Norwegian Trade Fair Foundation also owns and operates Oslo Spektrum in Oslo.

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