The king behind the celebrations: Philippe at 60

To mark the 60th birthday of the King of the Belgians, join the Royal Central team for a special podcast. From first born son of one of the most glamourous royal couples in Europe to unsure heir and popular monarch, Brittani Barger, Moniek Bloks and Lydia Starbuck discuss the life and reign of Philippe as he marks his major…
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Margrethe at 80: Preparing for a Crown

Today, let’s take a look at Queen Margrethe’s life as she prepared to be a queen. We’re looking back at her life from 1959 to 1971, just before her January 1972 accession to the throne. Embed from Getty Images Nineteen-year-old Princess Margrethe (right) with her younger sisters Anne-Marie and Benedikte on a skiing vacation in Gausdal, Denmark on 20 February 1959.
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Philippe at 60: The Unexpected Heir

Today, we’re looking back at King Philippe’s adult life until he became the King of the Belgians in 2013. Embed from Getty Images After Prince Philippe turned 18, he joined the Belgium Royal Military School and began training. Here, he’s pictured in camouflage during a training exercise, on 16 October 1978. Embed from Getty Images Prince Philippe in another training…
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April Sparkle: Monaco's Best Diamonds

The birthstone of April, the diamond, is perhaps the most celebrated of all sparkling stones. Throughout the month, Royal Central is looking at some of the best known pieces dominated by diamonds in European jewellery collections. Today, let’s take a look at some of…
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The Great Seal of the Realm - a piece of history to savour

The Great Seal of the Realm is a piece of history to savour. We don’t get to see it all that often and when it does make an appearance, it more than packs a punch.For this seal is part of a tradition that goes back to before the Norman Conquest and which, for centuries, has symbolised the very power of the Monarch. This is the main seal of the Crown and signifies the Monarch’s…
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