Vatican City: the world’s smallest state and monarchy

Vatican City State is the world’s smallest state, located entirely within the Italian capital, Rome. Covering 0.17 square miles (121 acres), Vatican City also has the smallest population of any country in the world, at roughly 800 inhabitants. The Vatican is one of the most unique countries in that it is an elective ecclesiastical monarchy, with the Head of the Catholic Church, His Holiness…
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Daughter of Saudi King found guilty of ordering assault on French worker in Paris

Last week, a Paris court found Princess Hassa bint Salman Al Saud guilty of ordering her bodyguard to beat up a French worker in 2016. The Princess was not present at court, where she was found guilty of violence and complicity to hold someone against their will. Princess Hassa was handed a ten-month suspended sentence and fined €10,000. An international arrest warrant was issued for her in…
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