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Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel are jumping for joy for a good cause

Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle of Sweden jump in the snow for Pep Gen, encouraging all children to be healthy by taking more exercise

Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel have been highlighting the importance of exercise by working out at home at Haga Castle in Stockholm.

Princess Estelle was joined by her father Prince Daniel feature in a new video on Generation Pep’s official Instagram, showcasing the organization’s focus on physical activity. Prince Daniel and his family have been actively supporting Generation Pep for years.

It provides a brief glimpse of the princess and her father early on in the video. The video shows Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel, along with many other Swedes, and was released on “Up and Jump” day, encouraging everyone to participate in activities such as jumping, running, and doing other activities, similar to Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel’s demonstration in the snow at their private residence Haga Castle.

There are over 2 million children in Sweden, but only 2 out of 10 reach the recommendation of an average of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The video is part of ongoing work to encourage as many as possible to be as active as possible.

Generation Pep works to spread knowledge and create commitment to the physical health of children and young people. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are the founders of the project.

Princess Estelle is Sweden’s youngest Gen Pep ambassador. She has now taken part in a number of events in connection with the project, so it is clear that this is also something that the little princess thinks is rewarding to participate in.

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