21st Century Queen: How The Royal Family has embraced social media

It all started ten years ago in 2009 when the Royal Household created an official Twitter account. Now, a decade on, members of The Royal Family tweet, and The Queen Instagrams! The official Twitter account of The Royal Family was created on 28th April 2009 as an account to tweet royal engagements and news. At the time, The Queen was aware that the account was up and running, and a spokesperson…
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Interview: Black Rod speaks exclusively to Royal Central

Lieutenant General David Leakey might not be a name you instantly recognise, partly because he is known inside and outside of Parliament as Black Rod. Best known for his role during the State Opening of Parliament, Black Rod is sent to the House of Commons by Her Majesty The Queen to summon Members of Parliament to the House of Lords to hear her speech. Slamming the door in Black Rod’s face…
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It's a boy! A Prince is born in Sweden!

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has given birth to a Prince at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm today (Wednesday 2nd March) at 20:28 weighing 3.6 kilos. Addressing the media in a press conference outside the hospital, Prince Daniel announced that Princess Victoria has delivered their son, and both mother and baby are well. Princess Estelle is sleeping, unaware of the news she has a new baby…
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The Queen

Canadians disavow citizenship oath to Queen

After comments came down from the Canadian province of Ontario’s highest court, a group of Canadians both new and old, have been publicly disavowing their oath to Queen Elizabeth that they took when becoming citizens. The pledge is still required during the citizenship…
Prince Charles and Camilla

Saving the family farm: Prince Charles spends the day in Derbyshire on behalf of The Prince's Countryside Fund

Supporting farmers was the dominant theme of The Prince of Wales’s visit to Derbyshire on Friday. Prince Charles, a champion for the family farm heard first-hand accounts from Buxton area farmers about the trials and tribulations they face and how The Prince’s Countryside Fund, is rendering the help the farmers and their families need. Charles founded The Prince’s Countryside…
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