The Queen

Prank call results in Dominos driver attempting to deliver pizza to The Queen

A prank call resulted in a Domino’s driver attempting to deliver a pizza to The Queen on 6 June. Specifically, it took place after the state banquet in honour of US President Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace. Someone ordered four large cheeseburger pizzas for ‘Elizabeth’ at Buckingham Palace, and then the delivery driver attempted to deliver the £46 four pizzas to the…
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Behind the Scenes with True RoyaltyThe Queen

The Diplomat Queen - now that the US state visit is over learn about Her Majesty's diplomacy in True Royalty's programme

Now that the much talked about three-day state visit of US President Donald Trump to the UK has concluded, you can look at The Queen’s diplomacy in a programme on True Royalty called “Queen Elizabeth II, The Diplomat Queen.” The 51-minute documentary, released in 2012, focused on former state visits by America’s presidents and was directed by Christian Bidault. True Royalty…
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British RoyalsThe Queen

Trump's gift to The Queen revealed

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, as is tradition, presented Her Majesty a gift as part of the state visit that commenced on 3 June. The Trumps gave The Queen a silver and silk poppy brooch from Tiffany & Co. The gift, carefully selected by the First…
British RoyalsState & Ceremonial

Who were the guests at last night's state banquet?

Day one of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom ended with a regal state banquet at Buckingham Palace. So, who were the guests that toasted to The Queen and President? The British Royal Family was represented by Her Majesty The Queen, the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke of York, Earl and Countess…
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The QueenThe Sussexes

The Queen impressed by Duchess of Sussex

After her successful three-day trip to Morocco alongside husband, the Duke of Sussex, the Duchess of Sussex is said to have impressed Her Majesty The Queen with her energy and work ethic, especially at seven months pregnant. To Vanity Fair, a source explained, “The Queen is amazed by the Duchess’s energy and stamina given that she is so heavily pregnant. “For the Queen and her…
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