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Royal Relations: how Elizabeth II is linked to Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

To conclude our royal relations series, we are taking a look at how Queen Elizabeth II is related to Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf. The link between the two monarchs goes back to Queen Victoria who is the great-great-grandmother to Queen Elizabeth (through her father, King George VI) and great-great-grandmother of King Carl XVI Gustaf through both his mother and father through two of…
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Royal Relations: how Elizabeth II is linked to Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

Her Majesty The Queen is related to many of Europe’s sovereigns, not in the least because of Queen Victoria’s matchmaking but also because of another woman, Princess Carolina of Orange-Nassau. Princess Carolina was born on28 February 1743 as the daughter of William IV, Prince of Orange and Anne, Princess Royal, the daughter of King George II and Caroline of Ansbach, after whom she…
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The US Presidents knighted by The Queen and King George VI

Her Majesty The Queen has met all but one of the US Presidents during her reign. In total, the Queen has reigned during the tenure of President Harry Truman to the current leader, President Donald Trump. In total, 11 of the 12 presidents of the United States who have taken office during The Queen’s reign have met her. Her Majesty has honoured two US presidents with honorary knighthoods…
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