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Who was Prince William of Gloucester?

Nowadays, he is referred to as ‘The Other Prince William’, but who was Prince William of Gloucester and why was his life cut so tragically short? On 18 December 1941, Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick was born in Barnet, Hertfordshire to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester. Through his father, he was one of the youngest grandchildren of King George V…
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The Duke of Gloucester follows in his father's footsteps with poignant patronage

The Duke of Gloucester has taken on a new patronage in commemoration of an important military anniversary for the veterans of Gloucestershire. The Royal Family announced the news on Tuesday, posting on Twitter that Prince Richard would be patronage of #Imjin70, a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of The Imjin River, which took place during the Korean War from 22-25 April…
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Royal Residences: A brief history of Kensington Palace

Where is it located? Kensington Palace is still the capital city residence of many British royals to this day. The site is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. When was it built and when was it used as a royal residence? Before it was transformed into a grand royal residence, Kensington Palace was originally a two storey Jacobean mansion which had…
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Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visit British Museum

Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visited the British Museum to thank staff who contributed to the museum’s safe reopening and to hear how the museum was cared for during lockdown. The museum reopened in late August to some pandemic-related changes. Visitors will need to book a free, timed ticket in advance as the museum is reducing visitors to encourage social distancing. There…
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