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Opinion: Royal portrayals onscreen ranked

Helen Mirren – Queen Elizabeth II Mirren, 73, played Queen Elizabeth in ‘The Queen’ (2006), ultimately winning her the best actress Oscar at the 2007 Academy Awards. She hilariously quipped in her acceptance speech; “Elizabeth Windsor has maintained her dignity, her sense of duty and her hairstyle.” It is clear Mirren captures The Queen’s dedication and her steadfastness during…
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Review: The Grace Kelly Dress

The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz is a recently released fictional book revolving around Princess Grace of Monaco’s famous wedding gown…or a replica of it passed down through the generations. There are three different storylines: 1950s, 1980s and…
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Review: At Home with Diana

Deb Stratas has written her fourth book featuring Diana, Princess of Wales. This one, At Home with Diana, tells Diana’s story through the windows of her homes and residences. The book goes from her birth to her death in homes such as Park House, Althorp, Kensington…

Review: The Faith of Queen Elizabeth

Just in time for Christmas, The Faith of Queen Elizabeth, the Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown by Dudley Delffs will be released on 3 December. As a woman of faith myself, this was a book I was looking forward to reading, and I was very lucky to get an advanced reading copy. Photo: Brittani Barger Published by Zondervan, the book naturally covers the main events of Her…
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Review: "A day with The Queen"

I was sent this lovely illustrated book by a Portuguese author, Diana Del-Negro for a review. It’s a children’s book that Del-Negro wrote and illustrated herself. She wrote it for her five-year-old daughter, Laura, to “explain that real princesses…
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Review: Princess Diana Book – 20th Anniversary Edition

As 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, new publications and documentaries are being released to memorialise the late Princess. Historic Newspapers has published an edition of their newspaper history series about Diana called Princess Diana Book – 20th Anniversary Edition. The book, which comes in a gift box with your name engraved on the front and a quote of…
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5 Minute Book Review - Honour by Matthew Lewis

<![CDATA[After reading the first historical fiction book written by Matthew Lewis, Loyalty I was very excited to read the next instalment, Honour.  I was expecting something similar to the first book – an engrossing story, well rounded characters and interesting relationships and clearly well researched.  In many ways this is way I got – the story was totally involving and I…
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