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Review: The Faith of Queen Elizabeth

Just in time for Christmas, The Faith of Queen Elizabeth, the Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown by Dudley Delffs will be released on 3 December.

As a woman of faith myself, this was a book I was looking forward to reading, and I was very lucky to get an advanced reading copy.

Photo: Brittani Barger

Published by Zondervan, the book naturally covers the main events of Her Majesty’s reign – the first televised Christmas address, Princess Margaret having to give up the love of her life, Peter Townsend, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the celebration of her Diamond Jubilee, etc. – while also delving into how her faith played a part in these moments.

We also learn who really influenced The Queen spiritually (The Queen Mother read to both her daughters the King James Bible each night.) Her Majesty has never hidden her love of Christ from the public and prays each night before bed.

The book also provides insights from the likes of the late Reverend Billy Graham who wrote in his autobiography of his time with Queen Elizabeth, her faith, and her support for his Crusade missions.

Overall, The Faith of Queen Elizabeth looks at different moments of her life and reign to show how her faith helped her and guided her in those moments. It also helps the reader see how The Queen’s Christian faith has really helped her keep the poise, grace and quiet strength as she’s sat on the throne for over 65 years.

I will say, though, if you are hoping for new information, you really won’t find it in this book. Instead, this book takes previously known information and collects into one to analyse her Christian faith and does a good job at that.

I do think it is a good book and recommend giving it a read, especially if you are curious about Her Majesty’s faith. And with Christmas so quickly approaching, it would make a great gift!

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