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Review: “A day with The Queen”

I was sent this lovely illustrated book by a Portuguese author, Diana Del-Negro for a review. It’s a children’s book that Del-Negro wrote and illustrated herself.

She wrote it for her five-year-old daughter, Laura, to “explain that real princesses exist, and also queens.”

The short book starts with a greeting by a corgi (The Queen’s beloved breed of dog) named Monty who tells the reader to come along to meet Her Majesty.

Del-Negro does a good job of explaining about Buckingham Palace, the guards, royal standard, and Commonwealth to where a young child will understand and want to continue on learning more.

Halfway through the short book, the reader gets to meet The Queen who invites Monty and his friend to spend the day with her, beginning with a meeting with the Prime Minister (Theresa May when this book was being written).

There’s also a surprise appearance by the Cambridge dog, Lupo in the book for Prince George’s birthday!

One of the drawings of The Queen done by the author.

I should also add that her drawings are fantastic! I honestly struggle to draw a stick person, and her drawings are very lifelike and appealing to a child’s eye – full of colour and animals! Things children love to look at!

This is a really good book for a parent to buy their child to help explain how the monarchy works in a way that makes it entertaining and easy to understand.

It can be bought on Amazon in paperback for $14.99 or £15.99.

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