Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia's second child – What will the name be?

On Tuesday Princess Sofia of Sweden attended her last known official engagement before her second child is born in September. Their first child, Prince Alexander, was born in April 2016. Prince Alexander’s full name is Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, and in addition to being Prince of Sweden, he is the Duke of Sodermanland. When Prince Alexander gets a brother or sister in September…
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Opinion: Other monarchies should follow the Swedish Royal Family’s media approach

Each royal family has its own way of dealing with the media. However, other European monarchies should follow the example of the Swedish Royal Family when it comes to their approach to the press. The Swedes are by far the most open and friendly of the royal families to the media. They are regularly releasing photos, especially of the younger generation, and have an active social media presence.
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The dog-whistle racism against Meghan Markle has to stop

Royal Central’s Editor talks about his experience of moderating racist abuse against Meghan Markle, and why it has to stop. It is February 2018, yet I find myself writing a headline about why racism has to stop. Since the news emerged in 2016 that Harry and Meghan were dating, there has been countless news stories about the upcoming royal wedding and about what Ms Markle and what she will…
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Will The Queen cancel her visit with Donald Trump over the #MuslimBan?

An opinion piece by Jamie Samhan looking at whether Donald Trump’s invitation for a State Visit to the UK should be rescinded. Only a day after Donald Trump met with Theresa May and a State Visit by the new President was announced, Donald Trump introduced a Muslim ban to citizens and dual citizens from a variety of countries. Outrage poured out across the world, so should Her Majesty cancel…
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