The duties of an Elizabethan Lady-in-Waiting

In the early modern period, the allure of court life was more than desirable, which caused families to seek positions that were in service of the crown. It has been said that to be around a king and his court was like being next to the sun, but when away, it was only darkness. For daughters of wealthy nobles, an appointment as a lady-in-waiting was highly sought after, with service to the queen…
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The York Family's Royal Year in Review

January To kick off the year, The Duke of York opened up Millbank Academy Library in London. Before opening the library, Andrew met headteacher and students to talk about the new addition to their school. By the end of the month, the world would find out that Princess Eugenie would wed her longtime boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank. Their entire family was elated for the couple. It was later announced…
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British RoyalsHistory

Henry VIII's luxurious tent to be recreated at Hampton Court

The period of Henry VIII is synonymous with grandeur, elegant fashion and over the top celebrations. Whether on progress or the war front, a sense of opulent renaissance followed this Tudor monarch. Temporary lodgings were always created that consisted of multiple chambers, including great halls, all furnished with sumptuous tapestries. These demonstrations of wealth and power were essential in…
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International royals

King of Morocco sends condolences to the family of John McCain

John McCain’s office released a statement saying the former Senator had died at 4:28 pm on Saturday 25 August. This one time prisoner of war made his way to Washington, where he would become known as the Maverick.  His heroism was praised during his presidential run in 2000 and 2008.  Despite John McCain’s efforts to beat brain cancer, this beloved war hero passed on at the age of…
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