King Felipe of Spain delivers extraordinary address to the nation regarding Catalonia

King Felipe VI of Spain has delivered an extraordinary address to the nation, in which he criticises Catalonian separatists and vows “to defend the unity” of Spain. Making a rare televised speech, His Majesty said that Catalonia’s government is “seeking to proclaim independence, breaching the Constitution and its own regional charter.” He said that Catalonian…
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The Spanish monarchy is strengthened by the failed Catalonian independent referendum

Oskar Aanmoen offers his take on the referendum in Catalonia, and why he thinks its failure has increased the popularity of the Spanish Royal Family. During the last few weeks, the Spanish monarchy has increased its popularity and support in Spain as a result of the failure of the referendum in Catalonia for independence. Yesterday, Catalonia conducted a referendum in which they voted on the…
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Norwegian News Agency accidentally reports death of King Harald

Yesterday, the Norwegian News Agency (NTB) accidentally reported in Norway that His Majesty King Harald was dead. The Norwegian News Agency is a Norwegian press agency and wire service that serves most of the largest Norwegian media outlets. The unfinished text was sent to NTB subscribers at 12 pm Norwegian time; the news agency sent out a new message retracting the previous message only minutes…
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25% of the Belgians want a republic, claims new survey

The Walloon tv programme Place Royale has conducted a new survey in which several Belgians were asked questions about the current monarchy. The survey showed a quarter of the Belgians want to get rid of the monarchy and make Belgium a republic. After 1500 days of King…

Crown Princess Victoria, Godmother of Europe

Crown Princess Victoria is often referred to as the ‘Godmother of Europe.’ She received this rather unusual nickname because she has 18 (yes eighteen) godchildren. Crown Princess Victoria is one of Europe’s most popular royals. Every single year she is voted most popular royal in her own country of Sweden. Many royals seem to like the Crown Princess, as well, as they have often…
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