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King of Morocco sends condolences to the family of John McCain

John McCain’s office released a statement saying the former Senator had died at 4:28 pm on Saturday 25 August. This one time prisoner of war made his way to Washington, where he would become known as the Maverick.  His heroism was praised during his presidential run in 2000 and 2008.  Despite John McCain’s efforts to beat brain cancer, this beloved war hero passed on at the age of 81.

In 2017, McCain announced that he was suffering from glioblastoma, more commonly known as a malignant brain tumour.  A tumour was discovered during a routine procedure to remove a blood clot above his left eye.  Despite his condition, McCain once again demonstrated his love for America, by flying back to Washington days after his surgery, where he would cast his vote in the Senate’s health care debacle.

Since the onset of his illness, he had been treated with chemotherapy and radiation.  The Senator even released a statement saying, “I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support – unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I’ll be back soon, so stand-by!” on July 20 after his diagnosis.

As a global outpouring of support for the McCain family continues, King Mohammed VI of Morocco also offered his condolences.  The King of Morocco appreciated the former senator’s human qualities, patriotism, and commitment.  Further commenting that Morocco had “lost a great friend with whom the Kingdom had close ties based on mutual esteem and the common pursuit of humanistic ideas.”

McCain’s own story as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, which lasted five years, affected his political career.  His reluctance to leave Hanoi Hilton prison until his fellow prisoners were released demonstrated selflessness, a characteristic that served him well.  In 2005, John McCain called for the release of 400 Moroccan POW’s, who had been detained by the Polisario Front in Tindouf in western Algeria.  Later that year, the prisoners were released, and flow aboard a US aircraft to meet King Mohammed VI.  The impact of this gesture sparked a mutual appreciation, which has lasted a lifetime.

Senator John McCain’s impact on America and foreign relations will never be forgotten.  He brought awareness to prisoners of war, and will forever be remembered as a hero.  His legacy teaches us that we need to think about something bigger than ourselves.  A message from his daughter, Meghan McCain was released on Twitter, which echoes the sympathies felt around the world.

“American’s never quit.  We never surrender.”  John McCain.