Queen Letizia attends meeting of Fundéu BBVA advisory board

On Wednesday, Queen Letizia attended the meeting of Fundéu BBVA advisory board at the organization’s headquarters in Madrid. Upon her arrival, Queen Letizia was welcomed by the President of the Royal Spanish Academy and President of the Board, Dario Villanueva. © Casa de S.M el Rey The Fundéu BBVA is endorsed by the Royal Spanish Academy and was created in 2005 by the EFE Agency and the…
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How much did the Scandinavian royal families work in 2017?

At the end of each year, we can study and comment on the work of the British Royal Family. The UFO No More team decided to look at the work of the Scandinavian royal families which is something that is not always done. Before going into the numbers, a little disclaimer. These numbers represent the days worked by each member of the royal families based on their official calendar. Of course, there…
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Opinion: In defence of royal fashion finders

Our Europe Correspondent, Heaven LeeMiller, defends those who research the style of the royals and report on them. Over the past few months, a lot of accusations have been thrown online and mostly on social media about royal fashion bloggers. The most recurring one is that…
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How much are the European monarchs worth?

There is little doubt that European monarchs are very wealthy, but some are more than others. Although it is not possible to know precisely how much they are worth, a lot of different estimations exists. The variations in numbers can be explained by the different criteria of calculations because sometimes it is hard to say what belongs to the monarch and what belongs to the state. The richest…
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