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Queen Letizia attends meeting of Fundéu BBVA advisory board

On Wednesday, Queen Letizia attended the meeting of Fundéu BBVA advisory board at the organization’s headquarters in Madrid. Upon her arrival, Queen Letizia was welcomed by the President of the Royal Spanish Academy and President of the Board, Dario Villanueva.

© Casa de S.M el Rey

The Fundéu BBVA is endorsed by the Royal Spanish Academy and was created in 2005 by the EFE Agency and the BBVA Bank. It aims to promote the correct use of the Spanish language in the media. The board is composed of academics, journalists and linguists and it issues recommendations about the use of the language.

Queen Letizia chaired this week’s meeting in which the possible alternatives to anglicisms were discussed. Indeed, more and more anglicisms such as ‘spoiler’ are used in the media and the networks.

© Casa de S.M el Rey

The Fundéu BBVA said: ” Also other hybrid words created from terms in English like bullear (from English bullying and with the meaning of ‘harassing’) or shipeo and shipear, buzzwords among followers of series and reality shows. […] Also discussed were the proper way to treat in the media the names that, for some weeks, the State Meteorological Agency has given to the storms; the meaning and use of the term hembrismo, and the suitability of the redebut word, very used in the last days because of the return of Diego Costa to Atlético de Madrid.”

In addition to the advisory board, journalists, linguists, lexicographers, proofreaders and translators issue recommendations daily and answer the queries they receive.

© Casa de S.M el Rey

Queen Letizia has followed closely the activities of the Fundéu BBVA since 2005, she attended the opening of almost all the international seminars on language and journalism that Fundéu BBVA and the San Millàn de la Cogolla Foundation organize every year. In 2015, while attending the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the foundation, Queen Letizia described Fundéu BBVA as “a useful and brilliant project that contributes to the quality and rigor of the information”.