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Princess Marie hosts children in her home to teach them about food waste

Today, Princess Marie hosted ten children from Helsingor School in her home of Klampenborg to teach them about food waste.

Together with Selina Juul, the founder of Stop Spild Af Mad, and TV chef Timm Vladimir, Princess Marie established a menu with simple products to show and teach them about the fight against food waste.

These children are future consumers, and Princess Marie wanted to tell them about cooking without wasting food because she thinks that they need to understand that the food belongs on the table and not in the bin.

Selina Juul said: “For the past ten years, we have helped Danes avoid food waste, so it is really positive and pleasing that HRH Princess Marie and the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival are actively involved in the fight against food waste. It is especially important to teach children and young people who are future consumers to gain a greater respect for the food.”

Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, Princess Marie’s children, joined her and the other children to cook.

The children were pleased by the experience. A girl named Josephine said: “It was really exciting to come to the Princess’s home. They live in a big and really nice house, but it was not obvious that a Princess was living there. It was good that you could see that we were at home with a family.”

She also said they practised their greetings to the Princess because they were nervous and did not want to make a mistake. They had also made drawings as presents to Princess Marie.

Despite the event taking place in the Princess’s private home, there was press access. The children arrived to the house at 10:30, but the press was only allowed to enter for ten minutes to take photos, short videos and to talk with Princess Marie. After that, they were asked to leave in order not to overwhelm the children. Hektor, one of the children, said: “At one point, a lot of people came from the press and when I stood and cut onions, there were many who took pictures.”

He also said that they all ate together and that Henrik and Athena really liked the soup the children cooked.