What will happen to Prince Harry when the royal baby arrives?

One of the big questions on everybody’s lips, with the royal baby on its way is, what will happen to Prince Harry? Harry who is currently third in line for the British throne will drop down to fourth. With this there will be less pressure on him as a royal, because it is even more unlikely that he will become King. He can therefore focus more on his military career and charity work, without…
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How Queen Elizabeth II changed the meaning of Queen

She has been, for most of our lifetimes, the only Queen we have ever known. Powerful yet delicate, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen and Defender of Faith has paved the way for the future queens of the world’s monarchies. Currently there are 2…

10 important facts about the Belgian Monarchy

King Albert will abdicate on 21st July. With the Belgian Abdication just announced (and happening in just a few weeks’ time), we thought we’d give you 10 of the most need-to-know facts about the Belgian Monarchy. The Belgian Kings and Queens are known as ‘King/Queen of the Belgians’ rather than King/Queen of Belgium – this title convention is mean to show that the…
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The Forgotten Monarchs - Part 2

The second instalment in this series of blogs focuses on the third Monarch of the House of Stuart, King Charles II. Charles was born on 29th May 1630 at St James’s Palace to the reigning King Charles I and his consort Henrietta Maria (who was in fact the sister of…