Who is Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg?

Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista was born on 22 March 1956 in Marianao, a district in Havana, the capital city of Cuba. Her parents were José Antonio Mestre y Álvarez and María Teresa Batista y Falla de Mestre, both of whom descended from bourgeois families of Spanish descent. The Mestre family were descendants in the female line of Ferdinand I of León and Castile, the medieval Emperor…
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Prince Harry reveals injuries ended his rugby career

Prince Harry has revealed he still feels like ‘a Labrador with a tennis ball’ every time he sees a rugby ball. The prince spoke of his love for the game as he visited a training session for the England rugby team at Twickenham, although he admitted ‘numerous injuries’ have forced him to quit playing. For a moment, however, those injuries seemed to be put behind. The prince stepped out onto…
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Rukidi IV of Toro: The Boy King

When most of us are three-years-old, we are in our front yard playing with our toys and neighbourhood kids and running around without a care in the world besides who’s going to win hide and seek. On 26 August 1995, Crown Prince Oyo Nyimba succeeded his father as the…
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Diana's favourite Jaguar, the one she had customised for Princes William and Harry, set to go on display

The Jaguar XJ-S Cabriolet sportscar that once belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales, is set to go on display at the London Classic Car Show next month, it has been announced. Produced in 1983, the vintage model, originally designed with two seats, was one of Diana’s favourite. It was famously converted by fitting in two rear seats so that Prince William and Prince Harry could join their…
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Trumps breaks silence over royal wedding

He has remained tight-lipped since the announcement of their engagement, and now Donald Trump has revealed that an invitation to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on 19 May has yet to be extended. In an interview with Piers Morgan in Davos, the US President…

The Curious Case of Ivan VI

Born on 23 August 1740 to the Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick-Luneburg and his wife Anna Leopoldovna, Ivan was the only grandson of the former Tsar of Russia Ivan V, and consequently in line to the Russian throne. His mother was the niece of Empress Anna and expected that…
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The Queen gives rare film talk about her coronation

In the 65 years of her reign — 66 this February — Her Majesty The Queen has seldom given a formal interview to anyone. The closest anyone has gotten was Rolf Harris, with whom she agreed to some small talk while he filmed the painting of her portrait. Likewise the only time people will see her speak at length of any topic is during the annual Christmas message, which is one of the few…
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