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Queen reportedly 'furious' at being 'misled' by Theresa May

The Sunday Times has claimed that The Queen was angered by Theresa May’s behavior following the recent General Election in which the Conservative leader lost her majority in the House of Commons and was forced into a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party. Her Majesty was said to have been dismayed by the Prime Minister’s “lack of courtesy” when the deal with the DUP delayed…
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Letter from the Queen to her midwife found

The affectionate thoughts of the Queen as a mother have been revealed in a rare letter she wrote to her midwife Helen Rowe. The letter, handwritten in Eastbourne, Sussex and dated 5 August 1964, provides a late update on the well-being of the Queen’s fourth and youngest…
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Sir Mo Farah: ''The Queen knew who I was''

The Queen has always surprised people with exceptional insight and profound knowledge, and Mo Farah was the latest to admit being in awe of such knowledge. The British Olympic legend has revealed details of a conversation with the monarch and Prince Harry during his knighthood ceremony earlier this year. In an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, the 34-year-old said Her Majesty backed his…
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King of Tonga Calls for Snap Election

In a royal decree yesterday, King Tupou IV of Tonga has dissolved the national parliament and called for a new snap election to be held a year early on 16 November. The sudden decision will be one of the first major tests of the island nation’s young democratic…

Taking a look at the Order of Canada

The Order of Canada was established by Her Majesty The Queen, as Queen of Canada, as part of the creation of a Canadian honours system unique to the country and the reduction of the use of British honours within the realm. The Order of Canada recognises outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation and recognises all people from all sectors of Canadian society.
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The Many Titles of Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty The Queen, since her birth in 1926, has been granted the use of numerous official and unofficial titles and styles befitting her position as a child of a royal Duke, the heir presumptive to the throne, the spouse of a royal Duke and as Sovereign. Although The…

2019 abdication date gaining traction in Imperial Household Agency

Ever since His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Akihito, formally announced his intention to abdicate the Japanese throne in a rare televised address last year, the island nation of Japan has been somewhat abuzz with speculation as to what exactly such an occurrence would entail. With no abdication of a Japanese Emperor since Emperor Kokaku in 1817, and no provisions laid out in the 1947 Japanese…
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