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Queen Rania presented with Golden Heart Award

The Golden Heart Awards, founded and run by the Heart for Children in 1978, are a way in which people who have been particularly active and effective in advocating for homeless, dispossessed and disenfranchised children across the globe can be suitably honoured for their efforts. Based in Berlin, the 16th such gala chose to honour Her Majesty the Queen of Jordan for her efforts to support…
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#OnThisDay in 1833 Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, mother of Queen Mary, was born

Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge was born on 27 November 1833 in Hanover, Germany. She was a granddaughter of King George III and great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. Her parents were Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, the youngest surviving son of George III, and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Cassel. She was the youngest of the couple’s three children. She was christened Mary Adelaide…
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New Documents shed light on George III's loss of the American Colonies

Poor George III. As British monarchs go, he’s perhaps one who has had a lot of calamities placed upon his lap. Much of his reign was marked by periods of insanity, most likely caused by porphyria and aggravated by the chemicals found in powdered wigs at the time, which rendered him utterly incapable of knowing where he even sat at the time. The end of his reign saw Britain plunged into a…
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You may not ever live in Buckingham Palace, but this is a close second

If you have given up your hopes of spending a night or two at Buckingham Palace, there is no reason to despair. You can now own something not too dissimilar. Hinwick House; the 300-year-old house that is modeled on the Queen’s official residence is now up for sale at £14,500,000 only. It is a snatch considering that the owners’ justification for selling is because the house is too far…
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