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The history of Her Majesty's Blue Sapphire Jubilee

God save our gracious King…This famous anthem has potential to invoke trips down memory lane and possibly create aristocratic fantasies in the minds of those that sing it with pride. However, one of the greatest Monarchs in British history is not someone who had the dream of Sovereignty. Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George originally of Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, originally of…
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Emperor to enjoy brief rest following fever

Although the Emperor of Japan is afforded no political powers by the Japanese Constitution, he still must attend to numerous other ceremonial duties, such as his opening of the Japanese National Diet earlier this year. Many of these are purely ceremonial, maintained out of a sense of cultural tradition that links modern Japan with its past. Unfortunately, however, it would seem that His Imperial…
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The Sussexes

Prince Harry reveals he misses army life

It was a career that became a passion, and Prince Harry still feels nostalgic about it. Officer Cadet Wales, as he was known when he first joined the Army in 2005, has revealed that he misses “black humour” and camaraderie of army life, as he spoke to a group of…
International royalsJapan

Emperor Akihito opens Japanese National Diet

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Akihito of Japan, opened the Japanese National Diet this Friday. Reading a prepared speech within the upper assembly, it marks Japan’s 189th Ordinary Session since the first Imperial Diet was opened by Emperor Meiji on 29 November 1890. In accordance with the Japanese Constitution, it is one of the Emperor’s numerous duties to formally open the Japanese…
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Why Prince Charles must be King

It may shock some people who peruse this site to realise that, despite some misconceptions to the contrary, it is not the nature of the British Monarchy for its kings to be chosen by popular vote. World-shattering, I know, but please, humour me. By law, by tradition, and by…
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Princess Tessy releases statement about her divorce

Following the news of her forthcoming divorce, Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has apparently released a statement to some media outlets. The statement read, “I am very sad to confirm that Louis and I are getting divorced after 12 years together. Despite our separation, we will always remain unified by parenthood to our two precious boys. It is extremely sad for both of us to realise that we…
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