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How Queen Elizabeth II changed the meaning of Queen

CK02 Queen_of_canada

She has been, for most of our lifetimes, the only Queen we have ever known. Powerful yet delicate, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen and Defender of Faith has paved the way for the future queens of the world’s monarchies. Currently there are 2 countries who count queens as their leaders.

Those countries are Denmark and the UK. Along with Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe of Denmark and until recently, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands reigned in the mostly male dominated role of sovereign. But that will soon change. As of July 21st, there will be 3 heiress apparents to the thrones of Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. Crown Princess Victoria, The Princess of Orange and the Duchess of Brabant will be some of the first to assume the thrones of their respective countries, setting a trend for the next generation of female monarchs.

The countries of Spain, Norway, and Sweden will one day have Queens as their monarch. The 3 girls will become heiress apparents when their respective parents assume the throne. The countries of Monaco and the Netherlands have heiress presumptives, meaning the heirs of the thrones could produce their heir at any given time.

For most of the countries, this is history in the making. This will be the first time for most that absolute predominance will come into effect. When their parent assumes the throne, these girls will have the title of heiress apparent, something Her Majesty never held. Until the day she became queen, Her Majesty held the title of heiress presumptive, meaning that at any time, her mother could conceive a male heir, putting that child ahead in the line of succession.

Out of the 7 major monarchs in the world, 5 of them will have a queen in the next 3 generations. If Baby Cambridge were to be a girl, she would be very much on trend with the world of future monarchs. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth II, the world has gotten used to seeing a female head of state. That will make things easier for the 6 future queens, the majority of whom are not even teens. When the time comes for them to assume the throne, they have a perfect role model queen in the current Queen of the UK.

As the queen of music Beyonce would say, run the world girls.