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What will happen to Prince Harry when the royal baby arrives?

One of the big questions on everybody’s lips, with the royal baby on its way is, what will happen to Prince Harry?


Harry who is currently third in line for the British throne will drop down to fourth. With this there will be less pressure on him as a royal, because it is even more unlikely that he will become King. He can therefore focus more on his military career and charity work, without as many downfalls that being a royal has had on this in the past.

This doesn’t necessarily mean however that we will see less of him. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may have children, they will still be too young to carry out any royal engagements for 18-20 years on their own.

There is also the factor that The Prince of Wales wants to streamline the royal family when he becomes King. Members that carrying out Royal engagements, and therefore funded by the British tax payer. Fewer royals on duty, with just as many engagements to carry out will result in a larger work load on Harry.

Although it is almost certain that Harry has probably given little thought to this and is just looking forward to being an uncle, as he has said himself that he is just a big kid at heart.

photo credit: DVIDSHUB via photopin cc