Magna Carta survived to teach the world a lesson in liberties

Along the peaceful meadows of the River Thames in Surrey, and only a few minutes’ walk from where the John F Kennedy Memorial stands today, a hostile political dispute was settled 801 years ago. Inked with a mix of oak-gall sap and lamp black, Magna Carta, the most significant and arguably the most famous constitutional piece was sealed by one of the feeblest rulers in English history. King…
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Wallis and Edward: Love Over Duty

It was on January 10, 1931 at Burrough Court that Miss. Wallis Simpson was introduced to Edward, Prince of Wales for the first time. Wallis was a divorced woman who was then married to Ernest Aldrich Simpson, a shipping executive, and Edward was the Heir Apparent to the…
Prince & Princess of Wales

Prince William wishes Team England good luck in Euro 2016

Prince William has sent a message wishing the England players and manager good luck in the European Championship finals in France. Speaking in a specially recorded video message on the eve of the Three Lions’ opening game against Russia, which ended in 1-1 draw, the Duke of Cambridge said he was confident that the players will build on great performances and give the fans something to cheer…
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#OnThisDay in 1183: Henry the Young King of England died while attempting to usurp his father’s crown.

On this day in 1183 Henry the Young King of England died at 28 King Henry II had noticed that to wait until the death of the king to determine his successor only caused uproar in his family. So King Henry II decided that the solution was to make his son Henry the co-king, an idea that he had gotten from the French courts. Henry the Young King of England was not known for his intelligence or…
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Marie Antoinette: A Short Biography

Maria Antonia Josephina Johanna was born on 2 November 1755 in Vienna, Austria. She was the 11th child (and most beautiful daughter) of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa. She was so beautiful that when she was around the age of 10, a young…

What is so special about a Swedish Royal Christening?

It is a question that I have wondered since 2012 when we witnessed the christening of Princess Estelle in May. In 2013 came princess Leonore, and in 2015 Prince Nicolas. Recently it was Prince Oscar’s turn to receive his first holy sacrament, and the feeling remains. What makes the christenings of this royal house so appreciated by royal watchers throughout the world? The Swedish Royal…
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