Paris, Mayfair, Geneva - a tiara with history makes headlines

Everyone is talking about tiaras. With the Duchess of Cambridge due to attend the State Banquet in honour of President Xi Jinping at Buckingham Palace tonight, there has been much speculation as to which of the sparkling set pieces in the royal jewellery box Kate might be seen wearing this evening. But ahead of that, another tiara has been making headlines. This one is over one hundred years old…
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The 1940s: The Queen Mother's finest decade

Though the 1930s brought about tumultuous change for the country and for Queen Elizabeth, the 1940s would soon become a decade that nobody would ever forget. It would also be the decade that Elizabeth would be dubbed ‘the most dangerous woman in Europe’ and…

Queens and witchcraft: Isabella of Angouleme

Queens and witchcraft aren’t words that go together. In books and in films, witches are the wicked women who stand in the way of pretty princesses as they search for a happy ending. In the history of royalty, witchcraft was a tool to use against women who might…
The Cambridges

Prince William give passionate speech to Chinese television on illegal wildlife trade

The Duke of Cambridge delivered his speech on the illegal ivory trade, broadcast on state television in China, ahead of the arrival in the UK of the Chinese president on Monday evening. William raised the issue with the President of China when they met in Beijing earlier this year. The speech was filmed in front of a studio style audience of students and guests at the Maughan Library at…
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Names you may have heard: Sir Alan Lascelles

Sir Alan Frederick Lascelles was born on 11 April 1887 at Sutton Waldron House in Dorset. He was the sixth and youngest child, and only surviving son, of Commander Frederick Canning Lascelles. Lascelles was also the grandson of the fourth Earl of Harewood. His mother…
State & Ceremonial

Polish the Silver: Buckingham Palace prepares for State Banquet

As Great Britain awaits the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Madame Peng Liyuan, preparations are well underway at Buckingham Palace for the traditional State Banquet. The elaborate preparations for the exquisite banquet began weeks ago, and it is expected that around 150 people will be in attendance including various members of The Royal Family, officials from the UK and China…
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Royal Warrant removed from Volkswagen company letterhead

Volkswagen announces it has removed its Royal Warrant over emissions scandal as customer complaints continue to rise. The Queen’s Household owns approximately a dozen Volkswagen cars. The company confirmed it had removed the coveted Royal Arms from official letterheads…

Stories of the Stuarts: The Pendle Witches

It is the most famous witch trial of the 17th century, the case of the Pendle Witches. Twelve women were accused of witchcraft, and while one died, eleven went to trial. One was tried and found guilty at York while ten of the ‘witches’ were tried at Lancaster. Only one woman was found not guilty. Six of the eleven ‘witches’ on trial came from two rival families in Pendle.
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