British Royals

Channel 4 to air Diana tapes despite complaints

Between 1992 and 1993, Diana, Princess of Wales was recorded in a series of tapes by Peter Settelen who was her voice coach. Channel 4 have used these clips in order to create a new documentary ‘Diana: in her own words’. Despite pleas from Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, for Channel 4 to cancel the airing of the footage in order to show respect to the Princes William and Harry and to…
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Monarchy Rules: A Look At Stephen

King Stephen of England was born in Blois in France in either 1092 or 1096. It’s quite unusual that we do not have a birth date for a future king of England, but by the time of his birth it was no expected that he would ever be king. His parents were Stephen-Henry…
The Cambridges

Prince William Examines Tumour Cells on Tour of Leading Specialist Hospital

Prince William made a visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital in his capacity as President yesterday, learning about its ongoing cancer research work. The Duke of Cambridge, who looked the part in his white lab coat remarked, “It’s a bit chilly,” as he examined tumour cell samples and toured the Sutton Hospital, a world leader in cancer specialism. Replying to the Duke, Janine…
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The Sussexes

Fantasist found guilty of terror plot to put 'Ginger' Prince Harry on the throne

A neo-Nazi fantasist who felt discriminated against because of his ginger hair has been found guilty of planning a terror attack against Prince Charles and Prince William in order for Prince Harry to become King, simply because he too has ginger hair. A crazed fantasist wanted to kill Prince Charles and Prince William so Prince Harry could become King. Mark Colborne had fantasised about shooting…
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Edward & Joan: A Plantagenet Love Story

“The most beautiful woman in all the realm of England, and the most loving,” fourteenth-century French chronicler, Jean Froissart once said of Joan of Kent. Joan, known by the sobriquet of “the Fair Maid of Kent,” was thirty-two and recently widowed upon the…