Tombs of the Tudors: The 'Lost' Tomb of Mary I

“That’s the tomb of Queen Elizabeth the First”; this was the remark I heard when I last visited Henry VII’s Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey. These words –unquestionably correct – confirm that here was the tomb of ‘Gloriana’ – England’s Queen Elizabeth I, only this is not the entire story. You could be forgiven for thinking that…
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British Royals

Emma Thompson to portray Queen Elizabeth I

Emma Thompson is set to portray Queen Elizabeth I in the second season of the popular Shakespearian comedy, Upstart Crow to air on BBC2 later this year. Just this week, the show was named best new TV sitcom at the comedy.co.uk awards. This isn’t the first historical…

A Staircase with a Royal History?

One hotel in Northamptonshire preserves a possibly extraordinaryfeature within its walls. The Talbot Hotel in Oundle is located some thirteen miles outside Peterborough and is aten-minutedrive from Fotheringhay. It preserves the staircase which is traditionally believed to be the one down which Mary Queen of Scots walked to her execution in 1587. The scene was painted as it…
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Woking Palace: A Royal and Illustrious Legacy


How Elizabeth I used Accession Day celebrations to protect her crown

On 17 November 1558 England’s first undisputed Queen regnant, Mary I, died, paving the way for the accession of her half-sister Elizabeth I. Mary had been a staunch Roman Catholic and she had been determined to bring England back to what she believed to be the true faith. Her short reign and early death ended her ambitions of re-establishing Roman Catholicism in England and she reluctantly…
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