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Taking a look at Haga Palace

Haga Palace, the current home of the Crown Princess Family of Sweden, is located in Haga Park in Solna, Sweden. It was built in 1802 and designed by King Gustav IV Adolf’s commissioned architect, Carl Christoffer Gjörwell. Haga Palace (or Haga Slott), located just north of Gustav III’s Pavilion, was modelled after ballet-master Gallidiers Italian villa at Drottningholm Palace. The…
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Dutch royal palace due to be converted into hotel

A Dutch palace is to be partly converted into a hotel following a bid of 1.7 million euros. The purchase follows a competition in which the government sought to find a new function for Soestdijk Palace. Over a hundred ideas for the future of the palace were submitted and narrowed down to three. The Eden Soestdijk which was inspired by the Eden Project in England would have developed a biodome of…
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The Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court

The Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court Palace will host its inaugural Real Tennis Champions Trophy between 11-16 July 2017, with the world-class competitors draw being reduced down to the eight top-ranking players from the UK, United States, Australia and France. The qualifying rounds open on 11 July, with a pro-am tournament on 12 July, resulting in three tournament days which conclude with the…
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Bomb scare near Buckingham Palace fails to move The Queen

A suspect package, believed to be a bomb, was discovered near Buckingham Palace last night on Birdcage Walk. Whilst there is some confusion as to what actually occurred, it seems most likely that the police carried out a controlled explosion of the package. There was a loud bang which interrupted BBC and Sky news broadcasts. A senior BBC News producer, Pia Talbot, claimed that the Metropolitan…
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