Should the Duke of Cambridge have kept his positive COVID-19 results private?

It has recently been announced that the Duke of Cambridge tested positive for COVID-19 back in April, shortly after it was announced that the Prince of Wales had also contracted the virus. Prince Charles was the first British royal to contract the virus and decided to make his positive results public as he went on to self-isolate at his mansion – Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire where he and…
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The wrong York wants to take on royal duties

This weekend, the wrong York announced that they would like to take on official royal duties. That’s right, beleaguered Prince Andrew, whose annus horribilis kicked off last November with a disastrous News Night interview to defend himself against allegations of…

King Philippe shows he is not like his father as he embraces his secret half-sister

The Belgian Royal Palace revealed a welcomed surprise announcement on Thursday – King Philippe of the Belgians had met his half-sister, Princess Delphine (formally known as Delphine Boël) for the first time. The newly discovered siblings had a three-hour meeting to get to know one another and released a joint statement and photo about their time together. Philippe and Delphine said…
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Princess Anne's best royal fashion recycle

How pleased was I to see the fabulously floral, frilled fashion statement worn by Princess Anne to the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana brought to life in all its gaudy glory for the new season of The Crown? Very, that’s how much, for not only is the outfit worn by…
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Top 10 royal songs on Horrible Histories

It’s become one of the most popular history shows on British TV, helping its young viewers to learn all about the past while enjoying themselves. And one of the ways that ‘Horrible Histories’ manages that is by its clever use of music. Here, Royal Central looks at ten of the best songs with a royal theme on ‘Horrible Histories’. King Henry VII: The Original…
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Prince Philip's 100th birthday could be the excuse for a party everyone needs right now

The first day of autumn in the UK is a strange one this year. The sun is shining brightly, the thermometer is high, there are more people in the streets than in weeks. Yet behind the feel of summer is the growing awareness that as the days shorten and the weather changes, life across the country will be impacted by new pandemic restrictions which could last six months. It’s made Summer 2021 even…
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