The Controversial King: The Rise of George IV

On 29 January 1820, George IV ascended the throne to become the King of Great Britain. The oldest child of King George III and Queen Charlotte, George IV is remembered for his role as Regent and style setter rather than his reign as King.  George IV’s lasting legacy was the Regency period, as the Regent in question. The Regency is known for a flourishing of arts and literature, the…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Juliana and Bernhard of the Netherlands

On a cold, January day in 1937, a happy young couple stepped out into the chilly air to make royal history. Princess Juliana of the Netherlands married Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld before a royal guest list and surrounded by thousands of her fellow Dutch citizens who had come to share her special day. But this was more than just a royal wedding. Juliana was then heir to the throne of the…
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A Calendar of Queens: January

The royal past is peppered with milestones, those major moments that take on an importance all of their own, and Britain’s queens have provided plenty of history worth talking about. From the reigns that started to the rules that came to an end, from the happy arrivals…

A Calendar of Kings: January

Each monarch leaves their mark, placing their personality on the fabric of history. And charting those footprints tells a story all of its own. From births to weddings, coronations to the passing of power, the major moments in a monarch’s life have an impact far beyond…
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The Royal 2010s: the most historic moment of all

In a decade packed with royal moments to remember, this was the one that will linger. On September 9th 2015, Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history. It was a milestone in some ways beyond her control but as she reached it, tributes poured in from around the world, celebrating her service and her success throughout her long reign. Here, Royal Central looks back at the…
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The Royal 2010s: a decade of abdications

The old decade is making its final bows and in days, the 2010s will be part of history. For Europe’s ruling houses, it’s been a momentous ten years and among the most striking and significant moments of that decade have been the abdications that swept in a new, younger set of monarchs. From the expected change of ruler in the Netherlands to the surprises in Belgium and Spain, the…
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