Official Royal Posts: Master of the Horse

<![CDATA[The honourary head of the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace is known as the Master of the Horse. Today the Master of the Horse is mainly a ceremonial office and seldom is seen apart from on state occasions, and particularly when the Sovereign is mounted. Such events as the State Opening of Parliament and Trooping the Colour will see the Master of the Horse in attendance. The Crown…
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Official Royal Posts: The Earl Marshal

<![CDATA[The Earl Marshal is a Great Officer of State with a significant role in the arrangement of coronations and other State ceremonies. Upon the death of the Sovereign, he is in charge of organising the funeral as well as the accession and coronation of the new…
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Princess Margaret: a brief history

<![CDATA[The Queen's late sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, led a colourful life in the public eye and was considered the most carefree. Some might say interesting, of the two sisters, due to her lesser responsibility compared to Elizabeth and some of the events that occurred during her life. Margaret Rose was born in 1930, four years after her sister, Princess Elizabeth…
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Will Camilla actually be Princess Consort?

<![CDATA[At the beginning of the year, I wrote a blogcalled ‘why Camilla must become our Queen‘. Since its publication, the article became the site’s single most discussed article,receiving over several hundred comments with varying views and…

Top Ten Upcoming Royal History Books

<![CDATA[Before we know it the days will be getting shorter, the dark nights will be setting in earlier and our British ‘summer’ will be over for another year. With this in mind, I have gathered together a list of my top ten royal-related books which will keep you…

Interview: What was it like to attend a party at Buckingham Palace?

<![CDATA[A few weeks ago, The Brownies celebrated their 100th birthday with a party at Buckingham Palace. The Countess of Wessex and daughter Lady Louise attended the celebration and one Brownie from Newport has spoken to me about her time at The Palace. Millie Leadley is 9 years old and went to the party with her mother, Alexandra. Here is what they had to say about their Royal…
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Lucy Worsley's 'Tales from the Royal Wardrobe,' an interview with Royal Central

<![CDATA[Dr Lucy Worsley is Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, English historian, author and TV presenter. Dr Worsley and I recently discussed her upcoming series: 'Tales From the Royal Wardrobe' which will air on BBC Four 7 July, 9pm. Firstly, thank you for once again allowing me the pleasure to discuss another one of your programmes with Royal Central. My pleasure – I’m…
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