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Happy Birthday, Crown Princess Victoria! – 41 Facts about the Swedish Royal on Her Birthday!

Today marks the 41st birthday of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. To celebrate, 41 facts are below! Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness!

  1. When she was born, she was only styled as Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria.
  2. After the birth of her younger brother, Prince Carl Philip, the law of succession was changed in Sweden to absolute primogeniture. This meant Carl Philip’s title of Crown Prince was revoked and Victoria was named Crown Princess.
  3. When she ascends the throne, she will be the fourth queen regnant of Sweden and the first in the House of Bernadotte.
  4. Her husband, Prince Daniel, used to be her personal trainer.
  5. She suffered from anorexia in 1997. The Royal Court confirmed she was seeking professional help but would continue her studies.
  6. She was born in Karolinska University Hospital. Her father was not present, but her maternal grandmother was.
  7. She speaks Swedish, English, German, and French.
  8. She has two children: Princess Estelle (born 2012) and Prince Oscar (born 2016).
  9. Her sister, Princess Madeleine recently said in an interview that Victoria was very maternal with her and Carl Philip. While their parents were away, Victoria always made sure to keep her siblings happy and entertained.
  10. Her brother-in-law, Christopher O’Neill said that she was born to be a mother because she is so natural with children.
  11. Her husband, Prince Daniel had to have a kidney transplant three months after their engagement. His father was his donor.
  12. Victoria broke from Swedish tradition by having her father walk her down the aisle, which some Swedish people did not like. Swedish tradition has the bride and groom walk in together. She compromised and had her father walk her halfway down the aisle to meet Daniel.
  13. In his wedding speech, Prince Daniel said that Victoria stayed up all night before a long trip and after a long day of engagements, writing him a letter for each day. He woke up to find 30 letters to read while she was away.
  14. She is very close and good friends with both Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, the latter being her 3rd cousin.

    HM King Carl XVI Gustaf, HRH Crown Princess Victoria, and HRH Princess Estelle – the first and second in line to the throne. Photo: Thron Ullberg/Royal Court, Sweden

  15. She once told a reporter, “Stupid questions get stupid answers.”
  16. She took her maternity leave only one day prior to the birth of her daughter Estelle.
  17. She holds foreign honours from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Norway, Romania, and Tunisia.
  18. She suffers from face blindness, which means she struggles to recognise familiar faces.
  19. Her godparents are King Harald of Norway, her maternal uncle Ralf Sommerlath, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, and her paternal aunt Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld.
  20. She used to play the piano and is a talented artist.
  21. She had a pet chicken at Solliden named Puff.
  22. She suffers from dyslexia, like her siblings.
  23. Her wedding to Prince Daniel was exactly 34 years after her parents wed.
  24. She studied for a time at Yale University in Connecticut.
  25. She was given her own household in October 2004.
  26. She wore the Swedish Cameo Tiara for her wedding, like her mother and some of her paternal aunts before her.
  27. She is the godmother to 17 children including her niece Princess Leonore (daughter of Princess Madeleine), Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Eléonore of Belgium and her nephew, Prince Alexander (son of Prince Carl Philip).
  28. She is one of only four female heirs apparent in the world. One of the other two is her goddaughter, Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands.
  29. She has undergone basic military training and taken courses at Swedish National Defence College.
  30. She finds it difficult to just sit and sunbathe. She prefers to find something useful to do outdoors.
  31. She calls Solliden Palace “paradise.”
  32. She hates to be still. When at Solliden, she spends hours picking berries in the garden, because she cannot stand to see time wasted.

    HRH Crown Princess Victoria / HRH Prince Daniel / HRH Princess Estelle / HRH Prince Oscar. Photo: Anna Lena Ahlstrom/

  33. She used to stress her family out by needing to be early for everything.
  34. Her family nickname is Oja.
  35. Besides her parents, Queen Ingrid of Sweden is her role model.
  36. Both of her boyfriends growing up were named Daniel.
  37. She always tended to lean toward grown-ups when she was younger. She felt that kids her age were too childish.
  38. If she wasn’t Crown Princess, she has said she thinks she would either work with animals or in international relations out in the field. She would live in the country since she is not a fan of city life.
  39. She told Swedish tabloid, Expressen, that she is not really into fashion, and Madeleine is always there to help her with outfit choices.
  40. Recently said that her “whole life is for Sweden.”
  41. She has been taking part in landscape hikes throughout Sweden to raise awareness for what Sweden and nature have to offer, as well as to encourage people to get out and exercise.
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