The Gloucesters

Behind the Scenes with Birgitte: meet the minimalist royal

Another day, another peek at the rooms the royals usually keep hidden. And it’s almost as if someone asked for an emergency delivery of chic. After seeing inside the somewhat cluttered cloisters of various Windsor residences in the past few weeks, thanks to the wonders of Zoom, the Duchess of Gloucester has injected some cool calm into the dynasty’s decor decisions. Birgitte’s…
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May's Monarch Moment: a Royal Baby Special

We’re about to meet a monarch in the making. This month, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg welcome their first child. It’s a happy event for them, a moment of celebration in strange and difficult times and history in the making. For their baby will be second in line to their country’s throne from birth and, girl or boy, they are expected to one day rule.
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Sweden's royals remember their country's missing queen

Crown Princess Victoria has paid a poignant visit to the grave of a royal relative to lead tributes to a missing Queen of Sweden. On the anniversary of the death of Crown Princess Margaret, her descendants remembered her with an arrangement of the flower she shared her name…
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The Princess Royal opens Scotland's Louisa Jordan Hospital

The Princess Royal has officially opened a brand new medical facility which can provide over 1,000 beds for Scottish patients being treated for coronavirus. Princess Anne inaugurated the new hospital in Glasgow in an online ceremony. Speaking during the official opening, the princess offered her thanks to all involved in setting up the facility which was created in just three weeks in response…
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What is so magical about royal weddings?

They are filled with tradition and part of history and there’s no doubt about it, they’re popular. A royal wedding has a power to fascinate that continues, however much time and society change around it. In the first of a special summer series, Lydia Starbuck, Brittani Barger and Moniek Bloks discuss what makes a royal wedding so…
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